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Know the best store os crafts of Golden Grass from Jalapao.  Read More
BL02-Bracelet Golden Grass 2.5x8cm
BL06-Spiral Bracelet with golden ribbon, tips, material with gold plated nickel free anti allergic
AN10-Ring with rhinestones new snail
PR17-Tiara double. Model snail. Nickel free


Bored Stone

The sun sets behind the Holed Stone, sandstone rock carved by the wind in Jalapão TO. Stuck stone and other waterfalls are in high bridge of Tocantins, the portal Jalapão.... Read more


Mumbuca is a community of former slaves, quilombo. They show the rich craft tradition represented by the craft of cooking with Golden Grass, typical plant that grows between April and June and can only be harvested in the months of September to November, respecting rules and laws of the state of Tocantins. The entire region Jalapão works with Golden Grass, making this craft... Read more


Brazil, besides being a spectacle exquisite natural beauty of exuberance, has a gift more: houses reservations secret wonders that every so often blurt out some new shows of splendor. As if to say: "Do not think you know me, do not believe you have learned to live with my weapons of seduction and glamor." Every now and then, some of those secret reserves... Read more